What went well last year

Redid my portfolio. I took part in the May 1 Reboot, a global movement to relaunch websites everywhere. I intend to take every 1st of May as an opportunity to rework my website.

Returned to blogging. I began writing regularly again and finally completed the 30 Days to Better Writing course. My confidence grew and I returned to blogging after a ten-year hiatus.

Designed my own products. I started learning handlettering back in 2015 but never took it further. This year, I produced a series of hand lettering prints and stickers.

Fell in love with photography again. Over the years, photography had gone from being a serious merely become a method of documenting my work. I picked up my DSLR, attended a portrait photography workshop, and remembered what it was like to enjoy being behind the lens.

Focused on my health. In October, I began exercising every morning. I haven’t skipped a day since. I also started seeing a therapist. I went from being ashamed of my depression to volunteering with a local mental health initiative.

What didn’t go well last year

Frequently burned out. I was constantly exhausted. My CTS flared up all the time, the worst it had been in years. At one point, I found it immensely difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Didn’t focus on personal work. After taking on a full-time design job, I had little interest or time in my own work. I now know how important it is for me to express myself creatively outside of my day job.

Lost my dad. My dad passed away from cancer just days after I turned 27. I tried to find a way to make myself feel better about losing my favourite person in the world, but there is none. And it’s okay.

How I plan to carry on this year

I’m happy with the progress and plan to continue what went well. 2017 taught me that I don’t have to face difficult times alone. Each time I needed it, my friends and family have lent me support. And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

Here’s to beginning the new year with renewed strength.