Interesting links on design and creating I’ve come across throughout the month.

Video: Stephen Shore | HOW TO SEE

Stephen Shore reflects on the past sixty years of being a photographer, from his early work with Andy Warhol and his travels around America. In this video, he talks about how inject “stage presence” into one’s photography.

Article: A Visual Typology of Japanese Logos

Logos from Japan is Counter-Print’s curated reference of Japanese visual branding. No one combines modern design and traditional artistry better than the Japanese.

Article: Gestalt principles in UI design

Gestalt is a group of visual perception principles developed in the 1920s. Almost a hundred years on, the key ideas of Gestalt can still be applied to UI design.

Podcast: Choosing a Monthly Focus

Designers Charli and Femke talk about choosing a focus for each month. I’ve had a very scattered January I’m looking forward to applying their advice in February.