With distractions constantly available at our fingertips, it’s getting more difficult to concentrate on good old-fashioned reading. Here are several ways to get through the stack of books on your nightstand.

Know your purpose. Are you reading for leisure, or are you reading to learn? Are you enjoying this novel or are you dragging yourself through the pages? If you’re not getting anything from a book, drop it. Knowing why you read helps you decide whether or not to move on to your next book.

Set a yearly goal of books to read. Set a low goal and exceed it by a mile, or set a high goal to strive for. I’m being cheeky this year by setting my 2018 reading goal to just one book. I completed it in January with Deep Work by Cal Newport.

Buy less books. Ironically, you don’t need more books to read more books. Look around you — you probably have too many. Go through your bookshelf and pick two or three books you never found the time for.

Refresh your library for free. Go to the local library or book exchange. Donate or exchange the books you’re not reading anymore — they deserve to be loved by someone else. It’ll be exciting to have new books to read.

Replace social media with books. Keep e-books and audiobooks on your phone so you can read on the go. Develop the habit of reading whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Many purists say digital books aren’t real books. However, if they still require effort and concentration, how can they not be real books?

Try a book summary app. If you really don’t have time to read, Blinkist sums up popular non-fiction into ten pages or so. If a summary resonates with you, make time to read the full book.

Set aside time to read. You can read on your commute to work or in bed at night. Reading is a great way to wind down before falling asleep. Audiobooks come in handy if you want to read while getting things done.

Don’t read too many books at once. You could limit yourself to a physical novel and an e-book you can read on the go. If that’s impossible for you, that’s okay too. I’m reading five books at the moment.