Why bother writing if no one is going to read it? What do you even write about? The answer is, you can write whatever you want. Your diary belongs only to you.

Keeping a diary lets you express yourself freely. Without the distraction of likes and comments, you won’t have to worry about how others might react. When you put other people out of the equation, you can truly be honest with yourself.

Writing can help you out of a rut when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Doing a brain dump — writing whatever that’s in your head frees up your mind to solve problems and hash out ideas.

Your diary can be an outlet. Angry-tweeting about the driver who cut you off in traffic might make you feel vindicated, but you wouldn’t feel any better the next time you had a bad day. Writing a diary allows you to reflect privately and in my own time.

You don’t have to perfect your diary for public consumption like you do with a blog post. Write about your dreams and fears, no matter how silly they may seem. A diary doesn’t have to be coherent . One of my entries simply reads (in all caps no less),


It might take a few attempts before writing comes easily to you. The place to start is with easy writing prompts.

  • Write a list of things that inspire you — books, films, even paintings
  • Write about a struggle you recently overcame, and give yourself due credit
  • Write about your earliest memory as a child
  • Write about all the nicknames people have given you
  • Write a letter you’d never send in real life

Writing is the best way to learn about yourself. Keeping a diary is the place to start.