Working from home save time and money on meals an transportation. My familiarity with my desk means it takes me less energy to get into deep work. But sometimes I need to shake things up a bit when the air gets stale.

Explore art galleries and museums. Explore what other artists are making. Find out what interests people. Instead of going to the movies, take your friends to the art gallery for a change of pace. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across free exhibitions. 

Learn something new or brush up old skills by signing up for workshops. Not only that, but you’ll also meet interesting like-minded people who are into the same things you are. Observe what it takes to run a workshop. What makes someone sign up for a workshop? What sort of things are people interested in learning? What does it take to market such an event? How much would people pay for these sort of things?

Visit a co-working space. Some coworking spaces have free days on the first Thursday of every month. Take the opportunity to try out hot desking and see if it’s something that works for you. Chances are your city has several coworking spaces within close range. I try out different ones to check out the crowd. 

Volunteer at events. Volunteering at an art festival gave me some insight on what it was like in the art industry. I later went on to spend a year working at the said art festival. Again, it’s one of the better places to meet people. I’m still in touch with the people I volunteered with.

Always have your name cards with you. You don’t know who you’ll end up meeting, even at family gatherings. 

Attend networking events. Like workshops, networking events are where you meet like-minded people. But this time, they are people who are open to getting pitched to. Think about how you want to introduce yourself. Be open to suggestions. Be interested to be interesting. Are there any people you can collaborate with? Think about how you can work together to benefit each other, rather than just to hire.

Talk to people who aren’t in the creative industry. If you’re a designer, talk to your friends who aren’t designers to learn more about they do. Ask them what they’re passionate about. You’ll find out that even accountants can teach you a thing or two about creativity – or at least how to keep your finance in check. 

Even so, inspiration means nothing without hard work. “Inspiration exists,” said Pablo Picasso, “but it has to find us working.